DVP Vacuum Pumps

DVP vacuum pumps are easy solution for vacuum generation

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DVP vacuum pumps and compressors developed for the medium vacuum level, however there are the oil sealed vacuum pumps series for -3 decade. Available for a wide range in the industry like for printing and packaging industry, automobile industry. All of this products are affordable priced with a quick delivery time

DVP vacuum pumps

DVP vacuum pumpsshort delivery time.

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Oil lubricated DVP vacuum pumps

  • LB and LC oil lubricated series with a new generation of pumps. This development means better vacuum level, more special and higher quality spare parts, with the ordinary oil recirculation. Of course there are a size where the housing is unable to give down so much heat and the pumps are fitted with oil cooler, as a part. Vacuum level of this series is 0,1-0,5 mbar and the water resistant pumps reach¬†2 mbar absolute pressure.¬†For your application DVP has a huge range of accessories.

Oil sealed DVP vacuum pumps

  • R and D series of DVP high vacuum pumps with lower final pressure. This pumps working on clean systems from atmospheric pressure down to -3 decade, and able to run 24 hours a day in 7 day of the week. This types are not fitted with exhaust filter and its system, so if need for your application you have to buy as extra accessories of this product.
    DVP vacuum pumps

    DVP vacuum pumps

Dry rotary vane DVP vacuum pumps and compressors

  • SC, SB, CB and CC dry oil free rotary vane vacuum pumps and compressors are already face lifted simply machines mainly because of the production technology. It can be use in packaging, food and general industry.

Spare parts

  • kits and sets for different types
  • Individual spare parts order

Take a look of our spare parts site, where you can find vacuum pump spare parts for DVP vacuum pumps and compressors as well as for other major brands. On our second hand market you can find more than 100 different vacuum pumps from the refurbished to used.